How to Choose the Right Linux Distribution for IBM Power

Back in 2013, IBM renewed its commitment to Linux by pledging to invest $1 billion to improve the Linux OS on Power Systems. This investment helps to support 400 independent software vendors offering over 1,000 applications as well as 2,500 open-source applications.

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Why Companies Need to Rethink Backup and Recovery

The current technology risk landscape shows how crucial backup and recovery is for companies. Whether a business suffers an equipment failure, natural disaster, or a targeted attack, backup and recovery may be the only solution to the loss of data and mission-critical applications. When detection and prevention measures fail, backup and recovery is the last line of defense.

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What’s Next for IBM Power Systems?

3 Ways POWER9 Microprocessors Will Revolutionize IBM Power Systems
In the world of data centers, Intel has had a virtual monopoly on data processing with their microprocessors. According to some estimates, Intel owns over 90% of market shares in data centers. However, with the upcoming release of its POWER9 chip, IBM is ready to challenge the dominance of Intel’s x86 chips.  Read More »