The Facts about the Big and Little Endian


Do you know the difference between a big and little endian? No, that’s not a misspelling and we’re not talking about Sitting Bull and Pocahontas. We’re referring to data management schemes.

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Hurricane Season Has Started – Is Your Data Protected?


Hurricane season started June 1st and is a good reminder to make sure your business is protected. Typically the southern U.S. coastal areas are at the highest risk of being affected by a hurricane; however, if you live in New Jersey and New York, you most likely felt the impact of Hurricane Sandy a few years ago and understand the destruction a hurricane can impose. Luckily, the weather experts are predicting a below-normal hurricane season this year, but one hurricane can do tremendous damage and you need to be prepared.
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Handling Bigger Data Demands in the Cloud


There is no question, the amounts of data being created is growing at an exponential rate. A recent report stated that 90% of the world’s existing data has been created in the past two years and that by 2020, 35 zettabytes worth of data will be created (Progress Software “2014 Data Connectivity Outlook”). As technology companies build new products or enhance existing ones, big data is a major factor in the design. Information technology solutions need to be able to handle the capacity and performance requirements that come with big data.

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IBM Power8 – Delivering Faster Insights


Recently, IDC and EMC reported that the digital universe is doubling every two years and will reach 40,000 exabytes by 2020. According to a Baseline Magazine article, a single Exabyte of storage can contain 50,000 years’ worth of DVD-quality video. That’s big data. However, data is only as valuable as the insights it provides.
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