Linux – The Era of Open Innovation


We have been talking about Linux and IBM quite a bit the past few months ever since IBM announced Power8 and its relationship with the OpenPower Foundation. However, the Linux and IBM relationship is not a new one. As discussed in a publication titled “Linux – The Era of Open Innovation” posted on IBM’s website, IBM began considering the Linux operating system back in the late 1990s. The article provides a quick timeline of Linux and IBM:
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Back to Cloud Basics


We have posted many blogs over the past few years about cloud computing, what it is, how it works, the benefits it offers, concerns over security, etc. Chris Dotson, a cloud expert at IBM recently wrote a blog about the cloud which is an excellent summary if you need to help educate your peers about the cloud.
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The Growth of Linux on Power8


As discussed in our June 18 blog post, support for Linux on Power Systems servers was a major part IBM’s recent Power8 announcement. It seems that industry leaders are agreeing with IBM’s focus on open source environments and seeing significant opportunity for Linux on Power Systems. With the combination of the flexibility and innovation offered by Linux and the reliability, scalability, security, and performance offered by IBM’s Power8, more organizations are realizing the value of Linux running on Power8.
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IBM’s 5 Easy Steps to Choosing the Right Cloud Solution


IBM recently shared five easy steps for choosing the right cloud solution. As most of us know, no two organizations are the same and therefore have different technology requirements, including different infrastructures and workloads. Therefore, IBM has provided the following five easy steps to figure out which cloud solution makes the most sense for the specific needs of your organization.
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Risks of the Connected Home


In this blog, we typically focus on topics related to enterprise IT environments, however, we are all consumers that use technology in every aspect of our lives and face many of the same data privacy/ security issues in both our professional and personal lives. And, with employees of our organizations using devices for both home and work, lines can be blurred and data can be compromised.

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