Why Companies Need to Rethink Backup and Recovery

The current technology risk landscape shows how crucial backup and recovery is for companies. Whether a business suffers an equipment failure, natural disaster, or a targeted attack, backup and recovery may be the only solution to the loss of data and mission-critical applications. When detection and prevention measures fail, backup and recovery is the last line of defense.

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What’s Next for IBM Power Systems?

3 Ways POWER9 Microprocessors Will Revolutionize IBM Power Systems
In the world of data centers, Intel has had a virtual monopoly on data processing with their microprocessors. According to some estimates, Intel owns over 90% of market shares in data centers. However, with the upcoming release of its POWER9 chip, IBM is ready to challenge the dominance of Intel’s x86 chips.  Read More »

Strategies for Managing End-of-Life Technology – Part 2

Once you’ve weighed all the options and determined that it’s the right time to address End-of-Life technology, you need a game plan to make the transition smooth and painless. That’s where the experts at ABC Services can be most helpful.

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The Risks of End-of-Life Technology

For anyone working with hardware and software, obsolescence can be troublesome, annoying, costly, and greatly inhibit overall production. For IT managers overseeing data storage and maintenance, the phasing out of technology can pose major headaches. It’s important, then, for data managers to pay close attention to the potential impact of EOL, or End-of-Life Technology.
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