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Implications of Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is being adopted across most industries today, but there are still individuals that are apprehensive about it – even CIOs. Some are still concerned that they are putting their business at risk by moving to the cloud. However, as Vittorio Della Rossa shared in a January 28 letter to CIOs, constant change is necessary in order to survive and cloud computing is part of today’s ever-changing IT environment.
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Six Ways IBM Power Systems Can Help Maximize the Cloud

There are many significant benefits of cloud computing that are driving its demand. This IT delivery model offers flexibility, lower costs, quicker access to advanced technologies, and much more. However, some IT professionals have voiced frustration when cloud computing is used in their data centers. Challenges from security issues and scalability to workload performance and image management have been noted.
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Back to Cloud Basics

We have posted many blogs over the past few years about cloud computing, what it is, how it works, the benefits it offers, concerns over security, etc. Chris Dotson, a cloud expert at IBM recently wrote a blog about the cloud which is an excellent summary if you need to help educate your peers about the cloud.
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IBM’s Power GM Predicts Biggest IT Trends for 2014

Doug Balog, general manager for IBM Power Systems was interviewed by IBM Systems Magazine – Power Edition for the cover story of the January 2014 issue about his thoughts on the biggest trends for the coming year.  Tami Deedrick, the publication’s editor, asked some excellent questions that resulted two common themes: innovation and change. Read More »