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Tapeless Backup Strategies for IBM Power Systems

Why are so many businesses looking at tapeless backup solutions to modernize the backup of their mission-critical data?

Tape backup has many shortcomings. It is expensive to store tapes in an off-site facility. Tapes are often vulnerable to obsolescence and can be lost or stolen when being transported off site. They can also deteriorate over time. With companies operating in a 24/7 world they need reliable backup that is easily accessible when systems fail or other problems occur. Read More »

ABC Services Celebrates 20 Years in Business

This year marks ABC Services’ 20th year in business. Over the past two decades, the team at ABC Services has seen a significant transformation in technology. Shortly before the company was founded, the World Wide Web was created and PCs became small enough to be completely portable. In the mid-90’s Microsoft Windows 95 was released and email and instant messaging were becoming popular. Read More »

Leasing Technology: The Benefits Of Fair Market Leasing

As a necessity in today’s fast-paced world, the demand for technology across organizations continually increases and has become a significant expense for businesses.  Today, one of the biggest challenges companies face is having the ability to rapidly respond to new technology needs and gain a valuable competitive edge while also staying within their budgets.  So what’s the answer to this?  Leasing Technology. Read More »