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IBM Ends Support of v6r1 and v6r1m1

All good things must come to an end. On September 30, 2015, IBM will end support for iSeries v6r1 and v6r1m1. For those organizations still using these versions of the popular operating system, be aware that you could incur considerable charges if you need support after the September 30th date. IBM will continue supporting users through an extended support option, but it will come at additional costs over existing software support charges.
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Upgrading to IBM i 7.2

The new IBM i operating system that runs on IBM Power Systems or IBM PureSystems servers has many significant enhancements that are driving companies to upgrade sooner rather than later.  It had been four years between the release of 7.1 and IBM i 7.2 in the spring of 2014.  However, along the way, IBM provided technology refreshes to keep its operating system on the top of its game.
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IBM i5 / OS V5R4 Software Maintenance

Are you running IBM’s i5 or OS V5R4?  If so, it is probably the lifeblood of your technology infrastructure and is essential that it remains fully operational.  It is a rugged operating system in terms of its stability and reliability, but is also one of the most long-lived operating systems in the history of computing.  Therefore, the fact that IBM is ending its Software Maintenance (SWMA) support for V5R4 on September 30 of this year might be a bit concerning to you. Read More »