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Customers Report IT Operational Efficiencies and Cost of Virtualization Benefits

When we talk about taking the plunge into virtualization, the most pressing question is always “Yes, but how is it going to affect my bottom line?” The evidence is there. Among the myriad virtualization benefits, it is most obviously and importantly going to have a significant impact on your bottom line. In fact, VMWare’s virtualization platform can cut capital and operating costs by “as much as 60%”. Read More »

Should You Consider Virtualized Storage?

Moving towards virtualized storage is becoming an increasingly popular option among businesses looking to expand their network services while minimizing investments in new infrastructure. Despite some lingering fears about data security, according to a recent study by Thales and the Ponemon Institute more than half of businesses surveyed worldwide reported moving sensitive data into cloud storage. Another third expect to increase their virtualized storage usage in the coming year. Read More »

How Virtualization Services Are Changing The Game

We are living today in a world of instant telecommunications that truly would have seemed like science fiction even twenty years ago. Desktop computers as single access points now seem restrictive, with workers and consumers alike increasingly moving their resources onto distributed platforms, such as Cloud computing environments. They expect to be able to access their data from anywhere in the world, even on their smartphones. Read More »

3 Ways Virtualization Services Simplify Your Work

Virtualization services are the new name of the game for anyone looking to expand their uses of virtual computing. In the past, one thing that held virtualization back was a lack of standardization: every system was different, and getting networks or other cloud services from competing vendors to work together seamlessly was a real chore. This made it a risky investment for large enterprises, despite the many benefits that virtualization offered. Read More »

Selling The Benefits of Virtualization to IT Management

In our experience, one of the biggest barriers to the successful implementation of virtualized server systems doesn’t come from technological or training issues, but rather from management. Upper management, quite understandably, tends to be wary of large expenditures or major architectural overhauls. However, for virtualization to work, they must be onboard and fully backing the project. That’s why it’s vital to sell them on the benefits of virtualization. Read More »