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Virtualization Strategy: 4 Key IT Roles and Responsibilities

If you’re investigating the benefits of virtualization and considering how it will impact your business, you should pay particular attention to the role of IT in the virtualization process. It might seem obvious to say, but IT will be doing the majority of the heavy lifting during the rollout process, and it’s vital that your virtualization strategy ensures that your IT staff are properly prepared for the deployment. Read More »

Virtualization Strategy: Preparing Your Team

When planning the deployment of a virtual network, one element we strongly recommend for your virtualization strategy is the creation of a core team – a SWAT team – which is tasked with overseeing the rollout and its integration into your existing procedures. A virtualization project is big enough that it needs to be led by a single group that understands the entire process and the your final architectural vision. This isn’t something that can simply be handed off ad hoc to whichever techs are available. Read More »

Virtualization Services: Understanding Changes To IT Infrastructure

Perhaps it goes without saying, but when you’re rolling out virtualization services throughout your company, many of the most dramatic changes to your organization are going to occur within your IT infrastructure. To properly deploy a virtual environment and reap as many benefits to it as possible, you and your IT staff need to be prepared for these changes well in advance. Read More »