4 Key Features of IBM PureFlex System

The new IBM PureFlex line of networking solutions incorporate a wide array of new features and ideas, all aimed at making networking easier, more reliable, and more cost-effective than previous systems. If you’re looking to expand your network and want a system that can expand to meet your needs, without also expanding its cost to maintain, PureFlex may be just what you’re looking for.

Here are four of the main technologies that create the core of an IBM PureFlex system and make it different from anything else on the market.

Extensive Automation

IBM has sought to create expert integrated systems that take care of most of the basic network management tasks with little to no need for human intervention.

On its own, an IBM PureFlex system can:

  • Load-balance applications across the network based on workloads at the moment.
  • Manage power to seek to reduce its energy consumption whenever possible.
  • Monitor for viruses or illegal intrusions and shut them down when found.
  • Detect impending hardware failures and route resources around them seamlessly.

Robust Pre-Configuration

An IBM PureFlex server arrives at your door pre-configured to your specifications, ready to be set up quickly. It comes loaded with the OS and hypervisor of your choice and the ability to integrate quickly into virtually any network environment, while still maintaining compatibility with thousands of third-party applications.

Deployment costs and downtime can be greatly minimized with a PureFlex server, translating directly into money saved.

Seamless Integration of Storage Space

Whether your data is stored locally, virtually, or in the Cloud, an IBM PureFlex system can take over management of all of it. Regardless of file system or storage medium, it can all be managed simultaneously. Similarly, new storage space can be added through any of these at a moment’s notice and instantly become available across the network.

For businesses with expanding data needs, PureFlex gives you total flexibility in how you handle your data.

One Console System Administration

All of this means that a PureFlex system can be run by a single administrator, working off a single console, which can be located anywhere thanks to virtualization. The integrated GUI provides easy access to all system functions, and the expert systems work with the sysadmin to alert them whenever an issue arises. This vastly reduces your need for multiple, costly specialized administrators and allows you to focus on the networking processes that truly matter.


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