4 Ways IBM Power7 Servers Help Businesses Deliver Services Faster

Power7 servers from IBM can help your business in several ways. Here are four ways they can help your business deliver services faster.

1. Power7 servers can provide high qualities of service at affordable prices. The computers are available as blades, 2-U/4-U rack configurations, and as tower systems. They also offer greater energy efficiency, saving on operating costs.  For those customers who want to choose equipment financing or leasing, IBM Global Finance stands by to provide flexible payment plans, along with asset buyback and disposal.

2. IBM Power Systems Express servers have more than 15,000 business solutions running on them, offering the variety of applications businesses need to grow. These software packages are available for the AIX, IBM i, and Linux operating systems.

3. Power7 server users can further reduce costs with PowerVM , while managing risk with PowerHA resiliency.  PowerVM has IBM’s Micro-Partitioning feature, with the capability to operate up to 10 partitions per processor core and to move processor, memory, and I/O resources between partitions. IBM’s decades of experience in high-availability hardware and software is embodied in its PowerHA SystemMirror disk-clustering solutions, which keep your systems running on a nonstop basis.

4. When you buy or lease from IBM, you get not only superior support from IBM, but also the expertise of IBM Business Partners, who can help you tailor your product or service to the local market. IBM provides a wide range of ways to help you with business and IT infrastructure strategy, from online self-evaluation tools for your business to comprehensive assessments, migration services, and product upgrades.

For a more cost-efficient way to select and maintain your IT infrastructure, consider using IBM’s Power7 servers and software.

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