7 IBM Power Systems Facts and Features

IBM’s series of Power Systems servers have long been among top performers in the industry, and since the introduction of their Power 7 systems in 2010, their market share has only been increasing. There are too many features in their systems to cover in a single article, so we’ve selected seven of the top IBM Power Systems Facts and Features to discuss today. From Small & Medium sized operations to the largest global business leaders, there are Power System solutions to fit any professional need.

IBM Power Systems Facts and Features

  • Multi-core options for every workload. Power 7 systems are multicore. You have options available for four, six, or eight cores, with each core capable of four simultaneous threads. You also have the option of enabling TurboCore mode, which shuts off half the cores but gives you a significant boost to the remaining cores for your most resource-intensive applications.
  • Robust and secure virtualization. Currently, IBM owns enterprise virtualization, with their servers built specifically to handle multiple environments simultaneously with almost no performance loss. Security is built directly into the hardware, making their virtual machines at least as secure as a physical box.
  • Support for multiple OS’s. Power 7 systems can come pre-configured to run AIX, IBM i, and Linux and can also support Windows. Further, thanks to their multithreaded virtualizing cores, it’s possible to run different OS’s simultaneously on the same server.
  • Space conscious and easily-installed. Most of IBM’s Power Systems are built to fit into a standard server rack and can be added into your existing network within minutes.
  • Advanced power management. IBM’s EnergyScale technology dynamically adjusts the energy consumption of their servers, minimizing their electricity use while still providing the power you need.
  • Built-in security compliance.  IBM’s Power Systems servers are aware of multiple security protocols, including SOX and DOD. It can automatically alert you when a system falls out of compliance, with options to fix it.
  • Free system planning tool. IBM offers a free web-based system planning tool that can be used to configure and deploy systems quickly and easily. These configuration files can even be used as the basis for ordering new machines.

As you can see from these IBM Power Systems facts and features, there’s something in the Power line for nearly every business.  Whatever your goals, IBM’s Power 7 could be part of the solution towards achieving them.

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