Vision Solutions

Vision Solutions

Through our partnership with Vision Solutions, we have direct access to their training programs, as well as their team of experts – helping us help you!

We are plugged into Visions Solutions’ leading replication solutions and services for Windows, Linux, IBM Power Systems and cloud computing markets.  We offer the following solutions from Vision:

iTERA Availability HA for IBMi

iTERA Availability’s fast, reliable, real-time replication technology continually maintains a complete, accurate copy of your vital business data and applications on a backup server.

MIMIX Availability

Complete, scalable HA/DR for IBM i

MIMIX® Availability™ efficiently replicates transactions in real time to maintain local and/or remote recovery servers. In the event of a production server outage, operations can continue on the recovery server without data loss and with minimal downtime. MIMIX Availability also virtually eliminates downtime caused by planned activities such as queries and reports, daily tape backups, and other maintenance tasks – keeping mission-critical applications running 24/7/365.

Real-time replication

MIMIX Availability provides superior replication performance, supporting even the most stringent Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and rapid Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). Changes to data and applications are replicated in real time from a production server to a recovery server, ensuring that the recovery server is always a complete, ready-to-run replica.

Double-Take Availability for vSphere

Full-server protection

Double-Take® Availability™ for vSphere is a reliable and affordable workload availability solution that uses agent-less replication to protect vSphere virtual machines, thereby helping to keep your business running – no matter what.

Double-Take Availability for Hyper-V

Automated, full-featured, agent-less, HA/DR protection for Hyper-V environments

Double-Take® Availability™ for Hyper-V is an affordable high availability and disaster recovery solution that fully protects Hyper-V virtual machines. It complements hypervisor scalability by enabling many-to-one protection of virtual server workloads through an easy-to-use technology that can be monitored and managed from a single console.