ABC Business Event: Learn The Benefits of IBM PureSystems and What It Brings to the Table with Business Demands

Flexibility is perhaps the single most important survival trait in successful 21st Century businesses. The world moves so quickly today, and new trends in business can overtake industries in a matter of months. No matter how large your business is, it needs the flexibility to change, optimize, and improve in the face of new industry trends.

This is why we’re hosting a series of free lunch conferences to talk about all the new IBM PureSystems line of virtualization-ready enterprise servers. We’re been excited about the PureSystems since we heard of them, because of the immediate benefits they can bring to companies who need their network to be as flexible as the rest of their operating environment.

IBM PureSystems: The Expert Integrated Systems Advantage

One of the key technologies at the heart of PureSystems servers is the development of “Expert Integrated Systems” that practically allow your server to administer itself. IBM has developed these routines to remove most of the barriers to innovation and change in modern networks, making PureSystems as flexible as you need them to be.

These new IBM servers can:

  • Deploy new virtual environments in a fraction of the time it takes to deploy physical hardware.
  • Move virtual machines between physical servers without interruption, greatly reducing user downtime.
  • Automatically monitor for hardware failures and route around them while informing human administrators of the problem.
  • Self-monitor for malware and intrusions, often instantly blocking them at the access point.
  • Integrate databases across numerous architectures and file systems into a single file repository that can be managed as a whole.
  • Self-optimize for low power consumption or for high-load resource management, as needed.

Plus, with IBM PureSystems servers, you aren’t locked into a single network architecture. They work with all major enterprise-level operating systems and file systems, and are immediately compatible with tens of thousands of third-party software solutions.

No matter what you require of your network, PureSystems can make it work more smoothly and upgrade more quickly.

Don’t Be Held Back

Old networking systems have become too complex with too many cross-platform incompatibilities to keep up with the fast-paced modern business world. You need a new kind of server to handle a new kind of networking. Join us for lunch and we’ll tell you about a better way to network and keep your business on the cutting edge of productive information technology.

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