ABC Services Celebrates 20 Years in Business

This year marks ABC Services’ 20th year in business. Over the past two decades, the team at ABC Services has seen a significant transformation in technology. Shortly before the company was founded, the World Wide Web was created and PCs became small enough to be completely portable. In the mid-90’s Microsoft Windows 95 was released and email and instant messaging were becoming popular.

1994 was also the year of O.J. Simpson’s famous white Ford Bronco chase, the cancelation of the Major League baseball season, Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson, the movies “The Shawshank Redemption” and “Forrest Gump” debuted, and “Seinfeld” and “E.R.” were the popular TV shows. In addition, the cost of living has changed significantly. The cost of a gallon of gas was $1.09 in 1994 and a movie ticket was only $4.08.

Times were different, but like today, they were rapidly changing. The rise of the Internet and network computing led to the creation of ABC Services by Tom Kempster in 1994 and attracted the attention of his business partner, Hal Schwartz in 1995. With technology becoming a vital part of doing business, the company was founded to help companies in the Tri-State region to leverage innovative business technology to enable them to prosper and surpass their competition.

A primary focus from the beginning was the team’s specialization in IBM power environments, which back then consisted of AS/400 solutions.

The vision of the company has remained the same since day 1: “to provide top quality computer services and support, with a highly personal touch.”

Today, the experienced team of IT and business professionals at ABC Services assists organizations of all shapes and sizes in maximizing their IT efficiency, improving service levels and reducing costs through expert network design and efficient infrastructures using IBM and other industry-leading platforms.

Happy 20th Anniversary ABC Services!

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