Benefits of IT Systems: An Overview Of The IBM PureFlex

As business computing and networking gets more complex, it can start making your IT systems a drain on your company. Complex networks require extra maintenance and extra employees, plus if they go down, it negatively impacts more and more aspects of your enterprise.

In today’s business environment, you should be focused on the benefits of IT systems rather than their problems, and this is something that IBM is attempting to address with their new line of PureFlex Systems. These are “smart” consolidated networking solutions that simplify your IT while still providing the power you need in the 21st Century.

The Benefits of IT Systems From IBM’s PureFlex Line

PureFlex machines integrate IBM’s expertise in IT solutions directly into the hardware and software, creating expert integrated systems that practically manage themselves. They’re based around four key ideas: Agility, Simplicity, Control, and Efficiency.

  • Agility: The PureFlex line is built with virtualization in mind, managing dozens of virtual servers while making the most of physical hardware. New server images can be created through recommendations from the PureFlex itself, and deployed in a matter of minutes, drastically reducing planning and implementation times.
  • Simplicity: The entire purpose of the PureFlex line is to make life easier for your system administrators. Your network can be managed through a single interface, and the system itself intelligently manages workloads to provide the best performance. These systems are so robust, they can detect impending hardware failures and automatically reroute resources, while notifying an administrator that hands-on work is required.
  • Control: Despite the simplicity of the interface, the PureFlex line still gives your sysadmins all the control they need. Hundreds of combinations of servers, OSes, and hypervisors are supported, along with tens of thousands of applications. Whatever your business needs, a PureFlex will make it work better and more efficiently than ever before.
  • Efficiency: Along with the smart workload management, PureFlex machines also automatically manage power consumption to keep the overhead low. There are fewer cables and loose parts, with most of the servers being virtual rather than physical. This automation also allows for faster training of new IT staff, with fewer esoteric skills needed.

In short, if you need the power of a modern virtual network without dramatically increasing the difficulty of managing it, the PureFlex line may be the solution you’re looking for. These let you enjoy the benefits of IT systems without compromising your bottom line.


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