IBM PureFlex System Paves the Road For Cloud Computing

It’s quickly becoming common knowledge that businesses everywhere are coming to embrace cloud computing. Because of the versatility that the cloud offers for IT systems, for everything from extended storage to remote access, making use of the cloud can be a boon for a wide range of businesses. However, you need a network that can […]

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IBM Pureflex Delivering Value With 4 Core Building Blocks

In developing their new IBM PureFlex systems, IBM seeks to leverage its decades of experience in IT to create a new generation of integrated servers that offer unprecedented flexibility and ease-of-use. These are based in the PureFlex System itself, a server infrastructure that supports multiple generations of technology, both past and future, while providing the […]

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IBM PureSystems Providing 2 Irresistible Integrated Systems

IBM recently announced a major new line of integrated systems, once again moving them to the forefront of modern information technology products, the IBM PureSystems initiative. These are designed to compete head-on with HP’s CloudSystem Matrix, providing all-in-one integrated systems that put usability, simplicity, continuous integration, and virtualization into a single package. […]

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