Choosing the Right IT Infrastructure

Today’s business environment is vastly different than that of just five years ago.  Cloud computing has become more of the norm.  Mobile devices are everywhere.  Social media has been widely adopted by people of all ages and by business in all industries.  All of these technologies have driven our increased reliance on data and security concerns of that data being breached.  In another five years, maybe even one or two, there will be an entire new set of technologies we will be focused on and our IT departments will have to continue to keep up with the changes and clearly understand how these new technologies will impact their businesses.

At the root of these constantly changing technologies is an organization’s IT infrastructure.  Just like a house that needs a strong foundation, an IT environment needs the right infrastructure in place to meet the ever-growing and ever-changing business (and technology) landscape.  IBM offers a list of the top six infrastructure choices that solve business challenges:

  1. Implement real-time analytics – Business analytics is a huge buzzword(s) today, but it is not a trend that will go by the wayside.  In a business world that relies so much on data, it is imperative that businesses have real-time access to their data to make important business decisions.  With the right infrastructure, organizations can incorporate data analytics into their operations and valuable data will be available at their fingertips.
  2. Empower employees with access to customer information – Good customer service can make or break a company, especially in the retail industry.  Having immediate access to customer information will enable employees to better serve their customers.  An infrastructure that provides the ability to share all data no matter where it is stored or what type it is, in a secure environment can really empower employees to do their jobs better.
  3. Accelerate reaction time – According to IBM, when you react quickly to situations (enabled by Big Data & Analytics), you can create up to 33% higher revenue growth.  Therefore, it only makes sense for businesses to have a robust infrastructure that can handle their data analytics needs in order to enhance decision making capabilities.
  4. Gain continuous access to essential tools – Cloud computing provides businesses with the scalability and reliability needed to access applications whenever and from wherever a user is located.  The continuous accessibility drives faster time to value, among many other potential revenue opportunities.
  5. Improve agility to gain new opportunities – In addition to access, cloud computing will provide a 50% reduction in management costs, according to IBM, freeing up resources for more strategic initiatives to drive future innovation.
  6. Build a cloud that’s right for you – Adopting a hybrid cloud model will help ensure your investments will pay off down the road.  IBM’s private and hybrid infrastructure cloud solutions core utilization and workload density are up to 2.5x higher than competing solutions.

Having the right infrastructure will help to deliver the business results needed to succeed.  ABC Services can help determine the right infrastructure for your organization.

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