IBM DB2 Web Query for i Offers Robust BI and Analytic Capabilities

The rapid advancements in information technology over the past decade have provided organizations with valuable information to help run their businesses better.  However, this wealth of data has also become almost crippling for organizations that do not know how to leverage it properly.

With this inundation of data, technology companies have worked hard to develop query and reporting tools to pull key data together in meaningful reports for users to make better business decisions.  Microsoft Access has been a powerful tool in the market offering robust reporting functionality.  Now, IBM’s query and reporting tool is rivaling Access with its sophisticated features and functionality.  Not only can you leverage this data to help save energy, but also to use new analytics to uncover business intelligence.

IBM DB2 Web Query for i is one of several IBM DB2 database tools that provide the same type of reporting as Microsoft Access.  It is a business intelligence and analytics platform for companies using IBM i systems that helps turn information into insight and insight into business outcomes, according to IBM.  Providing reporting, dashboards and ad hoc query capability through user-friendly interfaces, DB2 Web Query can help ensure every decision maker across the organization can find, analyze and share the information they need to make better, faster decisions.

Some of the key highlights of the solution include:

  • Provides simple-to-deploy business intelligence and analytics
  • Reduces complexity for end users and report authors
  • Modernizes legacy database queries and reports
  • Improves performance with advanced query optimization
  • Lowers costs by utilizing existing IBM i database skills
  • Manages risks by leveraging existing IBM i security
  • Speeds time to value with packaged solutions

If you are running a IBM i system and are having difficulty making heads or tails of the mounds of information stored in your system, the IBM DB2 Web Query for i tool might be the right solution to help your organization improve your decision-making abilities and gain a competitive edge.

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