IBM Power8 – Open Innovation

In the past few blogs, we have discussed many of the new enhancements in IBM Power8. We’ve discussed how it enables data to become a valuable asset by delivering faster insights and helping companies gain a competitive edge. We also talked about the ability of Power8 to handle bigger data demands in cloud environments.

Power8’s powerful features and functionality do not stop there. Another important enhancement of the new technology platform that has been getting a lot of attention is its open innovation. Power8 is an initiative of the OpenPower Foundation, an open technical community of more than two dozen major companies including IBM, Google, Samsung, and others, that is based on the POWER architecture and enabling collaborative development. Power8 servers are the first to utilize the OpenPower technology.

Of the five Power8 server configurations announced recently, two are Linux-only systems supporting cloud computing. Power8 now offers full KVM virtualization support for the Linux-only versions allowing clients to standardize data centers onto a single open source virtualization technology.

IBM also added support for Ubuntu Linux, one of the most widely used Linux distributions in the cloud powered by x86 servers.

This open innovation is revolutionizing the way IT is created and consumed. It is creating an open ecosystem enabling communities to more easily collaborate and innovate.

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