IBM Pureflex Delivering Value With 4 Core Building Blocks

In developing their new IBM PureFlex systems, IBM seeks to leverage its decades of experience in IT to create a new generation of integrated servers that offer unprecedented flexibility and ease-of-use. These are based in the PureFlex System itself, a server infrastructure that supports multiple generations of technology, both past and future, while providing the power to enable the most demanding applications.

These innovations make the IBM PureFlex line a true cost-saver, reducing direct operational costs while streamlining conventional IT processes. Less technical expertise is needed for managing a PureFlex system as well, reducing your expenditures on costly specialized administrators.

At the heart of the IBM PureFlex line are four key building blocks that turn it into a truly versatile and effective all-in-one server solution.

The Four Core Building Blocks of the IBM PureFlex Line.


All of the PureFlex servers come with IBM’s own PureSystems Manager software, which is designed to take the burden off of your IT staff by automating time-consuming configuration functions.

  • Simplified setup procedures.
  • Automated performance and load-balancing.
  • Intelligent detection of intrusions and impending hardware failures.
  • Unified management from a single console.
  • Cost-saving automatic power management reduces overhead.


Nodes – individual servers that combine into a distributed system – are literally the backbone of any modern network. IBM PureFlex systems are designed to make the most of each individual node, reducing your hardware upgrade costs and improving efficiency.,/p>

  • Supports both POWER7 and Intel processor lines.
  • Compatible with numerous hypervisor software packages.
  • Optimized distributed virtualization and database systems.
  • Robust infrastructure monitoring and support.


The storage needs of IT continue to expand rapidly, and the PureFlex line is ready for whatever storage solutions you require.

  • Simplifies storage management with a single interface that unifies all storage systems.
  • Seamlessly supports any combination of physical and virtual resources.
  • Tiered prioritizing of resources balances performance and power consumption.
  • Flexible disaster recovery options, including remote software replication and easy backup snapshots.


With robust support for virtually any existing network setup, the IBM PureFlex line can integrate seamlessly while taking over and automating network administration across a range of systems.

  • Supports Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand networks.
  • Cutting-edge performance up to 40GB Ethernet and 16GB Fibre Channel.
  • Easy scalability allows you to immediately add ports and bandwidth whenever required.


With their emphasis on the core needs of a modern distributed network, the IBM PureFlex system delivers cost savings and dependable reliability.


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