IBM PureFlex System Is Giving Your Infrastructure Choice and Control

One of the biggest fears any company has when investing in IT infrastructure is that they will get locked into an expensive system that does not meet their needs or limits their ability to expand. As IT continues to grow more complex, this has become a legitimate problem. Too many network solutions today are based on proprietary systems that, due to their complexity, end up interfering with productivity rather than enhancing it.IBM aims to change this with their new line of IBM PureFlex systems. Their new servers are designed with two key goals in mind: giving businesses power over their networks, while making them easier to manage and expand.

Oversight and Control with IBM PureFlex

One of the core technologies at the heart of the IBM PureFlex line is a new form of high-level automation, which IBM terms “patterns of expertise.” These expert automated systems take over many of the day-to-day routine chores of managing a network, greatly reducing the workload on sysadmins.

Any of these basic tasks, like managing storage or energy use, can be manually managed if necessary, but overall, allowing the PureFlex to manage itself allows your network to achieve greater efficiency and reliability than when under direct control. The PureFlex line seeks to minimize the impact of human error wherever possible.

This means that the job of managing the network can be done by a single operator at a console. This is tied together with a robust, user-friendly GUI that offers at-a-glimpse details on the network operations at every level, from an overview of the entire system, to details on the setup of an individual physical machine.

Choices Matter With IBM PureFlex

One might expect that this level of automation brings limitations with it, but PureFlex is designed to be as flexible as you need. You have your choice of operating systems, including Linux, AIX, IBM i, and Windows, as well as compatibility with thousands of existing software packages.

IBM is also working directly with third-party software developers to create new patterns of expertise based on their applications, allowing PureFlex to run just as smoothly using outside software as it does with Big Blue’s own offerings.

Thanks to this, the IBM PureFlex line delivers superior compatibility and expansion options, while simplifying administration. It allows your network to truly work for you, rather than becoming a barrier to expansion and innovation.


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