IBM PureSystems: Is It Time To Consider A Fully Integrated Infrastructure Platform?

With its IBM PureSystems line, Big Blue has set out to tackle one of the biggest challenges of the modern Enterprise Data Center; Infrastructure Integration. Companies today are now using multiple computer networks, utilizing different operating systems across multiple physical machines with different architectures, which control everything from their telecommunications to their project workflow. Managing and Integrating all these components is now a major challenge.

However, with IBM PureSystems integration, you can bring all your network, compute and storage components under the control of one central interface which can oversee and manage all elements of your IT Infrastructure. Thanks to the integration of “Expert Systems” they can practically manage themselves.

Fundamentally, an IBM PureSystems setup can bring four key benefits to your organization:

  • Agility: A PureSystem’s make it simple to deploy new Infrastructure elements. Rollouts can now happen in a matter of days, if not hours, allowing your business to be vastly more flexible in the face of a constantly-changing technological landscape.
  • Efficiency: On its own, a PureSystem can automatically manage network loads based on need, maintain constant file access across all storage systems, dynamically reduce power usage when it’s unneeded, and even alert the System Admin to impending equipment failures while already routing around them. This level of management reduces the amount of time your IT staff spend on the administration and management of these systems.
  • Simplicity:  Every component in the Data Center can be managed from a single interface, which can be accessed remotely from any location. Everything from procurement, to systems setup and reconfiguration, to software updates are handled through a system that requires far less technical knowledge than the multiple dispersed management systems of each component.
  • Control: PureSystem’s automation means there is far less risk of Integration, Configuration and Installation problems leading to project delays and helps ensure your Infrastructure is constantly maintained based on proven best practice. Yet, you still have your choice of O/S and architecture combinations and thousands of supported software packages, so that IT can truly meet your needs.

Key Takeaway

The IBM PureSystems Platform brings Infrastructure integration and automation to the next level, increasing the efficiency and agility of IT while reducing costs and wasteful expenditures.

Photo Credit: espensorvik

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