Instantaneous Backup of Virtual Machines

In the past, the IT Department had to jump through hoops to back-up their server data. The solutions they had often took a long time to deploy, were costly, required users to manage agents and recover from scratch which most importantly, took far too long to recover.

Today, Veeam’s Backup & Replication solution for VMware offers both end-to-end backup and replication in a single solution to ensure an organizations data is protected and the recovery of VMs is instantaneous. Learn 5 reasons why Veeam 6 should power your backup & replication.

Users no longer need to wait while storage is provisioned, backups are extracted and copies are made for production. A virtual machine can be restarted directly from the backup enabling recovery to occur in less than just two minutes.

With image-based backup, you can benefit from quick and reliable backup and recovery of an entire VM, just a file or a single application item.

With Veeam’s solution, organizations can meet or exceed their recovery time objectives and benefit from a reduction in recovery time up to 95%! In addition, today’s backup and replication systems are easier to use and more affordable than the options of the past.

There is a video on the Veeam website sharing how one customer reduced their VM backup time from 16 hours to 20 minutes. Check it out.

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