Linux – The Platform of Choice

We recently ran across an article that Jack Germain wrote for LinuxInsider on “Hiring Linux to Run Your Small Business”. He made some really interesting points about why we are seeing an increase in Linux deployments and shared advice from a number of industry experts.

Linux, in the past, had been known to have a more difficult GUI than a Windows environment, which often deterred companies from selecting the platform. However, today that belief is fading away as people are realizing that Linux is very similar to Windows. “One of the initial barriers to migrating to the Linux OS, especially the desktop, is FUD. Fear, uncertainty and doubt continue to plague the uninformed,” said Germain in the article.

But, for those who are informed, they understand that Linux offers greater flexibility, a better price point and robust productivity controls than other popular operating systems.

The key advice the industry experts in the article provide regarding migrating to Linux is to take the time to carefully prepare for the migration and test the platform. And, just like with any other operating system, incorporate a change-control process to ensure it is properly maintained.

As an open source solution that is customizable to the specific needs of any organization, Linux is quickly becoming the platform of choice.







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