Microsoft Office 365: Top 5 Benefits

Microsoft Office 365 is Microsoft’s big jump into the world of online productivity, taking most of the features of their offline Office suite and moving them into a cloud-based solution. In doing this, Microsoft challenged Google head-on in the world of cloud applications, and they have so far acquitted themselves well.

If your business is looking to move more of its operations onto the cloud, Microsoft Office 365 is an excellent choice for an enterprise that is standardized on Windows and the Office Suite, offering numerous benefits for a firm looking to embrace 21st Century computing.

The Top Five Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

  • Universal Access: No matter where your employees are – whether they’re in the office, at home with sick kids, or attending a conference halfway around the globe – they can all collaborate together on the same documents. Clients can be brought in to work in real-time on mission projects. Office 365 allows your documents to be everywhere you need them.
  • Higher Productivity: Unlike so many other networking solutions, Office 365 was designed to be used by everyday people. The system keeps track of resources for itself, giving your employees the documents they need with tools which are nearly identical to the offline Office GUI. Less time spent learning a new system directly translates to cost savings on training, as well as less downtime.
  • Seamless Integration With Offline Office. Anything created offline in Office can be read and edited in Office 365, and vice-versa. The system keeps track of issues like syncing local copies to the Cloud. No matter which version of Office your people use, they’ll be able to simply and easily share them online, while also being able to edit online documents however they want.
  • High Security. While “Windows” and “System Security” may not always go together, data stored within Microsoft’s own servers enjoys some of the most robust security currently available on the market. Your data will be in good hands.
  • Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime. Microsoft offers a money-back guarantee should they fail to maintain a high standard of uptime for Microsoft Office 365.  You don’t have to worry about server outages keeping you from your data. Microsoft guarantees access.

Key Takeaway

Microsoft Office 365 offers an easy-to-use cloud productivity service with guaranteed uptime and high security. It’s an attractive choice for any business looking to move further into the Cloud.

Photo Credit: Microsoft Sweden

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