Six Ways IBM Power Systems Can Help Maximize the Cloud

There are many significant benefits of cloud computing that are driving its demand. This IT delivery model offers flexibility, lower costs, quicker access to advanced technologies, and much more. However, some IT professionals have voiced frustration when cloud computing is used in their data centers. Challenges from security issues and scalability to workload performance and image management have been noted.

IBM Power Systems Solution for the Cloud has eliminated these concerns associated with cloud computing. The following are six ways that IBM Power Systems enables IT professionals to maximize the power of the cloud:

  1. With its pre-built and pre-installed solution of hardware, software and implementation services, IBM Power Systems Solution Edition for the Cloud simplified private cloud implementations
  2. With automation and self-service built on the open source OpenStack platform, it speeds deployment times and accuracy
  3. With is leadership virtualization, security, elastic scalability, and enterprise quality of service, it supports mission critical workloads
  4. Its customizable configuration options provide flexibility and choice
  5. From a single pane of glass, it offers virtual image management for Power Systems, System z and x86 platforms
  6. It offers performance, availability and efficiency of the Power virtualization platform

IBM Power Systems users need not fear the cloud, but to jump on the cloud and take the ride.

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