SMBs Leverage The Cloud In 2013

As stated in our last blog, cloud computing is here to stay.  Industry experts are predicting that more organizations will continue to move to the cloud, including small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).  In Wired Magazine’s Innovative Insights blog, Brian Patrick Donaghy shares cloud computing market predictions from the top industry research firms for 2013:

  • Gartner predicts it will be over the $148 billion mark by 2014
  • Forrester forecasts it to be over $118 in 2014

Time will tell what that exact number is, but all evidence is pointing in the same direction – cloud computing is on the rise.  Still cautious about the economy, SMBs are looking to increase their productivity without hiring more staff or adding resources.  Understanding cloud can often be a fear of many SMBs but, it’s becoming more and more common within these SMBs.

Cloud computing is quickly becoming a way for organizations of all sizes and types to leverage advanced technology without having to make significant capital investments or maintain the software or hardware in house, and it also provides them with the necessary scalability to grow their businesses. The following are links to two interesting articles talking about how cloud computing is impacting small business.  “Cloud computing for small businesses:  it’s time to follow the herd,” Guardian, January 30, 2013. “Small businesses tap into cloud for efficiency,” USA Today, November 4, 2012. Feel free to share your thoughts on cloud computing for small businesses or share other interesting articles by commenting below.

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