Support To End For IBM i V5R4 Operating System

IBM has announced that it is withdrawing service for the IBM i V5R4 operating system as of September 30, 2013. As a result, it is recommended that end-users of the old iSeries, System i, and Power platforms with the legacy IBM i V5R4 OS migrate to the IBM Power7 platform and IBM i V6R1 or IBM i V7 operating systems prior to that deadline next year.

IBM is offering an additional discount for end-users to migrate to Power7, and the additional discount must be approved by IBM. Most, but not all, older systems will qualify for the discount.

Power7 systems have more computing horsepower than previous IBM servers. The system price includes three years of next-business-day hardware maintenance service. Power7’s cooling requirements and energy usage costs are significantly lower than older models. Please Contact Us an ABC Services representative to learn more about the benefits of migrating to IBM Power7 servers.

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