The Future Of Cognitive Computing According To IBM

Jeff Bertolucci wrote an interesting article for InformationWeek on May 29 titled “IBM’s Vision For Cognitive Computing Era.”  He discussed how real-time analytics will provide us with the capabilities to make smarter decisions.  We have been hearing and seeing for a while now how technology helps us make more educated decisions; however, Bertolucci’s article says it will improve the decision-making capabilities of those who need to make predictions for a living, such as traffic analysts, meteorologists, and even doctors.  Can you image if the meteorologists could actually get the weather right?

Most of us look at where we were a decade ago with technology and it is hard to believe how much we are able to do today on our tiny mobile devices.  And, we know that even greater technology advances are coming, but it is hard to believe it until we see it.

Bertolucci’s article talks about how IBM is testing computer systems that are modeled after the human brain and how they’ll have a major impact on today’s business world, as well as our society as a whole.

Check out the article, it is worth a read!  And while your at it take a look at IBM‘s most recent celebration.

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