Top 3 Reasons Businesses Are Moving To IBM Power7 Systems

Since the introduction of the IBM Power7 systems in 2010, IBM has seen constant growth in their server market share. These midrange servers have been a widespread hit with businesses, pulling in users from current market leader HP, as well as other rivals like Sun and Dell, whose market share has been declining steadily in the past years. If you’re still on the fence about switching to Big Blue, here are three factors driving the success of the IBM Power7 systems.

Make the Most of Your Money.  IBM knows that times are tough in a lot of industries, and designed their Power7 systems to have a low TCO and a high ROI. Their servers include multiple “smart” management systems that handle many server configuration challenges automatically.

They also include robust automatic power management options through their EnergyScale technology to keep your server runtime costs to a minimum possible, boasting some of the lowest power consumption rates in the industry.

Get the Flexibility You Need. IBM Power7 systems have robust virtualization services built directly into the hardware, making them especially adaptable to any environment. You can build entire virtualized environments and get almost none of the performance hit you’d expect when running third-party virtual machines, with their power optimization services automatically balancing the workload.

Additionally, the servers themselves are built for scalability, with a modular design that makes it easy to upgrade your servers to meet the expanding needs of your business.

Have Stability You Can Rely On. You can get some of the most reliable uptime in the industry with IBM Power7 systems, at least 99.97%. Those same smart server management utilities also work in the background to keep your systems stable regardless of the load being put upon them.

You’ll also get the best server security currently on the market. IBM built their security directly into the hardware, with a boot up-level check on the security of your systems that immediately flags any OS changes that could indicate a compromised system. There has never been a reported security vulnerability within any of their virtualized systems.

In short, there’s a reason that businesses are migrating onto IBM Power7 systems. They offer a superb value for the money, and have the most robust set of smart management tools in the industry. If you need to upgrade and you’re worried about convincing your CFO, look to Power7.

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