Virtualization Technology: Choosing A Starting Point

One of the toughest decisions your business will face when looking to implement virtualization technology is choosing a starting point. This will be different for every business, but in all cases, finding the right place to start is vital for the successful implementation of a new virtualized server setup.

Also, when choosing a starting point, consider the long-term benefits as well. The benefits of virtualization snowball over time, and your initial decision can set the stage for huge returns later on down the line.

If you’re unsure about where to start, there are five general strategies for first deployment that we commonly see.

Choosing a Starting Point For Virtualization Technology

  • Server Consolidation: Designing your virtual system to first take over existing server roles. Make sure to carefully plan the changeover to ensure continuity of your services.

Future Benefits: Cost savings on new server hardware.  Reduced downtime due to server outages.  Easy future expansion.

  • Server Containment: Rapidly deploying your virtual system by having it take over new software tools, with the legacy changeover occurring later.

Future Benefits: Being ready for the next generation of online tools. Creating a greater focus on remote access and file-sharing for better productivity.

  • Disaster Recovery Expansion: Enhancing your disaster recovery protocols by creating decentralized virtual networks.

Future Benefits: Rapid recovery in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure. Robust data backup options ensure continuity and regulatory compliance.

  • Virtualized Desktops: Rolling out your new virtualization technology among the office staff. This has immediate cost savings, as older hardware can be repurposed for remote access rather than requiring an upgrade.

Future Benefits: Expanded mobile and telecommuting options. Continued cost-savings as old hardware gets repurposed rather than replaced.

  • Rapid Rollout: Businesses with less demanding server setups can often rapidly deploy virtualization technology systems in a specific department due to the ease of implementation.

Future Benefits: Rapid familiarity with virtualization. Creating a lean, responsive network that can be reconfigured quickly to meet future needs.

Visibility And Effectiveness Are The Key

When you’re looking for a starting point for virtualization technology, you primarily want a project that will quickly demonstrate the benefits of virtualization while laying the groundwork for future virtualization benefits. A successful first deployment will reduce internal resistance to the project, as well as giving your team a morale boost that will help fuel further deployments.

In short, look to the future when selecting your starting point for virtualization.

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