Why Upgrade Your As400 or iSeries?

If it’s not broken, there is no need to fix it, right?  Not necessarily.  When it comes to technology and your IT infrastructure is working “fine”, why spend the time and money (and deal with the headaches) to upgrade to the latest and greatest solutions?  This is a question heard frequently from AS/400  and iSeries users who are satisfied with their solution and don’t see the need to move to the most recent version of IBM Power Systems.  However, there are a number of reasons to make the transition to IBM’s newest platform:

  1. Maintenance Cost – it is more expensive to maintain the older system than taking advantage of the 3-year warranty of the IBM Power Systems platform.
  2. Power and Cooling Cost – Today’s systems are much more efficient making the cost of running and cooling the AS/400 significantly higher.
  3. Green – The new platform is very energy efficient making it better for the environment.
  4. Risk of Failure – The older the system, the more likely that it will fail.
  5. Supported Software – Newer software releases are typically not supported on older systems.
  6. Leveraging New Technologies – Older systems are often not compatible with newer hardware and software solutions.

Change is not always easy, but when you weigh the benefits of upgrading to newer technology platforms, it is easily justified.  Here is another great article on AS400 Upgrade.

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