Disk storage is an important part of the backup and recovery process. Today, many organizations are utilizing VTL technology (Virtual Tape Libraries) to consolidate data storage and improve restore times. VTL’s present a storage component as tape library or tape drive to work with your existing backup software.

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miSAN® V Series- High Performance VTLmiSAN® V Series- High Performance VTL

Virtual Tape Library
With miSAN® V Series D2D2T Virtual Tape Library, backup doesn’t have to slow you down. Utilizing the power of RAID and Tape Virtualization, you can write data from all your heterogeneous workstations and servers to multiple disk based virtual tape libraries on the VTL at once – all with your existing tape backup software. With up to 24 disk drive bays of virtual tape capacity, and speeds of 500 MB/s, this D2D2T Virtual Tape Library makes short work of the biggest network backup jobs. Data remains in disk cache for near-instantaneous restore. Offload to portable tape for long term archival storage is a serverless operation that is performed in the background, so it won’t slow your network performance. A disk based Virtual Tape Library strategy combines the performance of disk with the security and cost efficiency of tape for the ultimate in data protection.

EMC Data Domain Deduplication Storage SystemsEMC Data Domain Deduplication Storage Systems

EMC Data Domain systems reduce the amount of disk storage needed to retain and protect data by ratios of 10-30x and greater. Scale up to 86.4 PB of logical capacity in a single system to protect data for longer retention periods. With throughput up to 58.7 TB/hour, Data Domain systems make it possible to complete more backups in less time and provide faster, more reliable restores. The Data Domain Operating System (DD OS) is the intelligence behind Data Domain systems to enable them to be the industry’s most reliable and cloud-enabled protection storage.