5 Network Performance Monitoring Benefits

Keeping on top of the performance metrics for your servers and network is important for the maintenance and operation of your IT infrastructure. You want your organization’s users to have little or no downtime in using their applications and retrieving their e-mail, and for your company‘s customers to easily access their cloud-based applications and data. Here is a short list of five benefits of network performance monitoring.

1. The days of operating-system homogeneity in the data center are over. The odds that you have all Windows-based servers or all UNIX machines these days are slim to none. To deal with the multitude of operating systems in your infrastructure, an IT administrator needs a platform-agnostic monitoring solution. With such a tool, you can manage your heterogeneous computing environment and keep track of network performance monitoring.

2. With cloud computing enjoying more utilization, service-level management software becomes more of a priority. Being able to monitor all applications, databases, networking devices and servers at one time helps save time for IT administrators, shortening the troubleshooting process when problems pop up.

3. In these days of server farms and server ranches, the number of servers you have to administer and monitor is growing, and they are not necessarily confined to one data center. Networking monitoring solutions can automate the gathering of availability and performance metrics, even when the servers are physically located on multiple continents.

4. Virtualization tools from Microsoft, VMware and other vendors are making the use of virtual servers commonplace. This creates another administrative challenge in network performance monitoring. A comprehensive monitoring solution can improve the visibility of applications operating in virtualized environments.

5. Resource utilization is something you want to optimize. Resource monitoring and reporting lets you allocate tasks to underutilized servers. This capability can track such metrics as CPU, disk/storage and memory utilization.

In summary, there are many benefits to network performance monitoring. You may find help in this area from your managed services partner or other professional parties.

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