5 Reasons To Implement Microsoft Exchange Web Services

When it comes to having a cloud-based solution for your business’s email needs, there are still few options that are better than the Microsoft Exchange Web Services system. With a history going back nearly 15 years, Exchange has become the standard platform for distributed email management, and it’s still a fine choice for businesses today.

If you’re looking to move your email into “the cloud” here are five reasons that Microsoft Exchange Web Services are the way to go.

Five Reasons To Implement Microsoft Exchange Web Services In Your Business

  1. Online email keeps your employees connected. In the 21st century, there’s no reason for your employees to need to be in the office to get their messages. Having universal email access improves productivity, limits downtime, and ensures that your employees can remain in touch no matter where they go.
  2. Unified messaging. The Microsoft Exchange Web Services don’t only handle text emails. It consolidates email and voicemail, including both MP3 and speech-to-text transcription options. This turns Exchange into a one-stop single source for all your employees’ messaging needs, complete with integration into other Microsoft Office products.
  3. Full mobile access. The Exchange server can be accessed from virtually any browser on any platform, be it a desktop PC, a smartphone, or a tablet. Other cloud-based email systems, such as Google’s Gmail, still have problems with mobile access, and that can slow down a company that has invested heavily in mobile technology. With Exchange, your employees can truly get their messages anywhere they have a connection.
  4. Advanced security. All messages sent through Exchange are encrypted by default, reducing the chances of security leaks. Further, Microsoft maintains full anti-virus and anti-spam databases that can be applied to your Exchange server to keep it free of unwanted security risks.
  5. Multiple hosting options. It’s a common fallacy to believe that using the Exchange email system requires utilizing Microsoft’s own servers. You can host your own Exchange server locally, or have Microsoft host your data, as seems appropriate for your company and your existing IT infrastructure.

Key Takeaway

Microsoft Exchange Web Services are still the premium choice for companies looking to put their email online. With years of experience in the field, robust security and access options, as well as full-spectrum browser compatibility, Exchange remains the leader in the field. The price is well worth it, if it is time to expand your company’s email system.

Photo Credit: Michael Ruiz

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