8 Interesting Facts About IBM i

In the April issue of IBM Systems Magazine, Mary Beth Kelley shares “8 Surprising Facts About IBM i From my First COMMON.”  After spending several days interacting with IBM i clients and partners, she made a list of facts that caught her attention at the user group event.  The following is a summary of her findings.  The complete article can be found by clicking on this link with links to research and other resources.  Make sure you look for our webinar on IBM Systems Magazine website under the vendor marketplace in the power portal. 1)  The acquisition and three-year total cost of ownership (TCO) for IBM I is much less than Linux or Windows on x86.

2)  80% of U.S. ground shipping is done using IBM i systems.

3)  The use of the IBM i platform is growing, unlike what some may state.  71% of small and mid-sized businesses continue to invest in it.

4)  IBM i is the most popular IBM system platform.

5)  To help IBM i clients and partners keep up their IT skillset, IBM offers a wide array of tools to help with developing and analyzing applications.

6)  The number of Managed Service Providers for IBM i continues to grow.  [Our note:  Aegis is a perfect example of an MSP specialized on the IBM Power Systems market.

7)  There are many companies developing innovative mobile applications for the IBM i and they are making positive impacts on the way organizations are doing business.

8)  IBM i is hip!  Young software developers are starting their own businesses or deploying innovative IT solutions based on the IBM i environment.

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