Our partnership with HelpSystems enables us to serve you better. Our team is extremely knowledgeable in the IBM i security and compliance solutions that HelpSystems offers. We will work alongside the HelpSystems team to ensure you have a seamless implementation process.

IBM iSeries PCI Compliance

HelpSystems automates and simplifies server and network management, protects data, and gives people simple access to information they need. For critical needs like job scheduling, system security, network mapping, and business intelligence, HelpSystems makes IT lives easier and keeps businesses running smoothly.


Robot SCHEDULE is powerful, reliable job scheduling software for the IBM i platform. Batch job creation and scheduling is at the heart of Robot SCHEDULE. Whether you want to create a time-based schedule, an event-driven schedule, or a combination of the two, Robot SCHEDULE offers everything you need. By automating job scheduling and batch job management, Robot SCHEDULE frees you and your operators to make everyone more productive.

Robot SCHEDULE Enterprise

Robot SCHEDULE Enterprise is a plug-in for Robot SCHEDULE that provides IBM i-centric job scheduling across the Windows, UNIX, and Linux servers in your environment. Use Robot SCHEDULE Enterprise to create an event-driven schedule across a variety of servers and automate multi-platform dependencies, Microsoft SQL Server jobs, and FTP in your enterprise schedule.


Robot CONSOLE allows you to automate responses to inquiry and informational messages and knows when a human needs to intervene so you can manage by exception. It also checks on the health of critical system resources that support your users and their applications.


Robot NETWORK is an IBM i performance monitoring and Robot product management solution. It offers centralized control of the Robot software running on your IBM i partitions as well as performance monitoring, exception-based management, and integration for servers and events across your environment—all visible from any web browser or mobile device.


Robot ALERT is a critical component for managing your systems by exception. You can receive IBM i messages and send a response quickly and easily from any PC, cell phone, pager, or enterprise monitor—even embed Robot ALERT commands in your programs—so managing multiple recipients and escalation procedures is easy.

Free Security Scan

The PowerTech™ Security Scan is the place to start when you want to secure your IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400). The free Scan provides a snapshot of your current system security in just 10 minutes. It runs directly from a network-attached PC, without modifying any system settings. The Scan audits common security metrics and displays the results in an easy-to-read, browser-based application. A PowerTech Security Advisor helps you interpret the results, and you can print the findings for your records.