Confusion Over SSD Or HDD Usage Clarified

Recently, on March 16th, StorageServers blog posted an article on the “Confusion over SSD or HDD usage clarified.”  It tackles the differences of various storage media and the challenges of selecting the right drives.  The article hits on important areas, such as: performance, reliability, cost, speed, types of workloads, video streaming, and more.  Below is the beginning of the article:

In today’s world the availability of wide variety of storage devices is creating confusion about what type of storage media should be considered to what type of data. The complexity is increasing with the presence of SAS/SATA interfaces and SSD arrival. Going by it is the consideration of other factors such as random access performance, sequential performance, cost, density and reliability.

So, due to the above said factors the selection of right drives has become a big challenge. This article will offer some tips in navigating through the complexity and will act as a helping hand in deciding whether to go for a SSD or a HDD for your enterprise data storage.

If you are interested in reading the rest of the article, click here.  Enjoy!

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