Handling Bigger Data Demands in the Cloud

There is no question, the amounts of data being created is growing at an exponential rate. A recent report stated that 90% of the world’s existing data has been created in the past two years and that by 2020, 35 zettabytes worth of data will be created (Progress Software “2014 Data Connectivity Outlook”). As technology companies build new products or enhance existing ones, big data is a major factor in the design. Information technology solutions need to be able to handle the capacity and performance requirements that come with big data.

This is why in IBM’s Power8 offers the compute power required for big data and analytics. With Power8, IBM has increased memory, I/O and storage dramatically to handle the data coming in, manipulate that data, store it, and then having it easily accessible when needed.

IBM has also enabled this compute power in Power8 to be leveraged in the cloud whether a company has a private, public or a hybrid cloud solution. In a recent blog post by Alise Spence on ThoughtsonCloud, she discusses five key advantages of IBM Power Systems for cloud delivery:

  1. Exceptional reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) – and performance
  2. Leadership virtualization
  3. Certified security
  4. Growing ecosystem and strong economics
  5. Open platform for choice

With these advantages, there is no question that Power8 is the right solution to handle bigger data demands in cloud environments. If you want to learn more about Power8, contact ABC Services, a Premier IBM Business Partner at info@abcservices.com.

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