HarrisData Joins ABC Services To Deliver Modern Technology

HarrisData- a supplier of integrated enterprise solutions, and ABC services- a premier supplier of IBM Power Systems and services, are uniting in order to facilitate efficient business for customers with the use of modern technology. Together, HarrisData’s enterprise software and ABC Service’s latest IBM Power Servers will produce an offer that is affordable and effective at managing business processes and objectives.

By leveraging the innovative abilities of the IBM platform, HarrisData has brought effortless management and operations into the mix. HarrisData has a browser-based application that runs on the IBM Power Systems platform in order to deliver an integrated solution that combines enterprise resource planning, manufacturing, human resources, company-wide financials, and CRM. In order to create a solution that is based on supporting advancements for tablets and advanced Cognos reporting tools, they use a forward-facing infrastructure.

Both ABC Services and HarrisData are entirely dedicated to IBM technology in order to sustain the mission-critical needs of mid-market business and facilitate profitable and competitive companies in today’s environment. “Our partnership with HarrisData will free our ERP customers from the chains of their existing ERP software, allowing ABC Services to deliver new high performance IBM Power solutions to these customers,” said Hal Schwartz, Vice President of ABC Services.

The current environment includes rising software maintenance and service fees for many customers. However, with this strategic alliance there will be a lower total cost of ownership and a faster implementation at a predictable investment. “Our collaboration with ABC Services will deliver significant benefits to our users, extending the HarrisData offering to include the most modern technology and services from IBM in a single, affordable solution that will help drive efficiencies,” stated Lane Nelson, President of HarrisData.

Software solutions and hardware will be available to customers in one fixed package at a substantial discount. With the Omni License from HarrisDate customers will be provided with five years of free support, source code, disaster recovery rights, and much more. Companies who qualify will also receive an attractive financing offer as low as 0%.

HarrisData is pleased to expand to territories such as the New York Tri-State area and Colorado in order to serve ABC Services customers. They also optimistic that the partnership will continue to develop its customer base in those regions as well.

About HarrisData:

For forty years, HarrisData has provided mid-market companies essential applications to run their business. Unlike other software development companies, HarrisData provides products and services that are so good, that it has been able to sustain a ninety-five percent retention rate of its clients. By realistically addressing Customer business requirements, HarrisData is the only Software Development Company that provides an “Omni License” ensuring that the client will receive services that are unavailable from any other vendor. For additional information, please visit http://www.harrisdata.com or contact HarrisData at 800-225-0585.

About ABC Services:

ABC Services has provided business servers and network solutions since 1994, and has grown to become a top tier solution reseller for IBM. The ABC Services staff provides complete IT solutions including virtualization, servers, networking, and software licensing. ABC Services is proud to combine a wide range of technical expertise with an understanding of each business’ unique goals. For additional information, please visit https://www.abcservices.com or contact ABC Services at (888) 505-6222.

Photo Credit: IBM by ChrisDag

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