How Manufacturers are Preparing for the End of Windows 2003

Hopefully after reading our last blog post about the security risks you run by not upgrading your Windows Server 2003 by the July 14 deadline you have put a plan into action to migrate to a newer version.

This has been on the radar screen of the major hardware manufacturers for a while. They have been gearing up for the end by making sure their hardware is no longer running Windows Server 2003 and is fully compatible with all the modern versions.

Dell, for example, is suggesting that this is the perfect time to do an infrastructure review and update to ensure all of your technology is properly aligned to optimally run your business now and in the future. Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers offer high performance, low energy consumption, fast memory, and support for high throughput and I/O storage. In addition to its server solutions, Dell also offers a wide array of storage and networking solutions as well. “Adding the latest software, Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, will enable your organization to use the new hardware to its full capacity and further reduce server footprint and simplify management.” For more information, click this post: “Why are server infrastructure refresh now and why Dell? – Power More”.

Lenovo also makes it’s a similar case for migrating from Windows Server 2003. By running Lenovo System x and ThinkServer with Intel Xeon Processors and Intel Intelligent Power technology enhancements on Windows Server 2012, organizations can lower their costs and take on gain additional capacity – enabling you to do more with less! Click here for a white paper on “Modernize your Infrastructure with Lenovo Servers Running Microsoft Windows Server 2012.”

It is essential that these hardware and software providers work together to help their users migrate to newer technologies. ABC Services partners with the top manufacturers, such as Lenovo, IBM, Dell, and others; and is also a certified Microsoft partner. We are well-positioned to help organizations prepare for the end of Windows Server 2003 and position you for the future.

As the deadline is rapidly approaching, make sure you are prepared. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and save you from potential headaches and security risks after support for Windows Server 2003 is no longer.

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