IBM Ends Support of v6r1 and v6r1m1

All good things must come to an end. On September 30, 2015, IBM will end support for iSeries v6r1 and v6r1m1. For those organizations still using these versions of the popular operating system, be aware that you could incur considerable charges if you need support after the September 30th date. IBM will continue supporting users through an extended support option, but it will come at additional costs over existing software support charges.

Migration to IBM System i v7r1 before the September 30th deadline is recommended in order to eliminate the potential for these additional costs. You will also leverage the latest benefits of this operating system to enable new levels of flexibility, scalability and efficiency.

As an IBM Premier Business Partner, ABC Services can assist you with migrating to the next version and avoiding these support costs. However, if you choose to remain with v6r1 or v6r1m1, we can also assist you in maintaining the system until you are ready to make a move.

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