IBM Power – 10 Things You May Not Know

The January issue of IBM Systems Magazine – Power Edition is full of great articles.  Another information-filled article is the “” written by Tami Deedrick.  She begins her article stating that there are more than 16,000 applications that support POWER7 technology.  That is impressive and it is not even one of her “10 Things You May Not Know”.

The following is a brief summary of her 10 facts, which includes quite a few amazing ways that IBM Power technology is being used around the world:

  1. POWER Explores Space – POWER technology is being used by BAE Systems for space-based missions.  It is currently being used on board the Phoenix Mars Lander and the Pathfinder, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity probes.
  2. POWER Juggles Three Operating Systems – Built as the open platform of choice, AIX, IBM i, and Red Hat or SUSE Linux all run on Power Systems hardware.
  3. POWER Stars on TV and Beyond – The IBM Watson supercomputer, operating on a commercially available IBM Power Systems 750 servers running Linux, was featured on a special three-day “Jeopardy!” game.
  4. POWER Supercomputes – Five of the 10 supercomputers in the world run on the Power Systems.
  5. POWER Joins the Military – Power architecture is used in the Shadow RQ-7B mission computer for unmanned aircraft systems used by the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corp.  The RQ-7B has flown more than 480,000 hours in support of combat operations.
  6. POWER Helps Prevent Disasters – POWER7 technology is being used to help better understand and plan for flood disaster response.
  7. POWER Goes to School – Power Systems technology is being taught in high schools and universities across the globe.  Michigan State University just launched a master’s degree program in business analytics that will use the technology and Watson.
  8. POWER Takes Road Trips – The automotive industry has adopted the technology.  Power Architecture technology is used for many automotive applications, including engine management, body control, gateway, safety, chassis and drive information applications.
  9. POWER Is in Your Cellphone – Android phones are leveraging Power technology as a result of the open collaborative organization,
  10. POWER Is Finding Cures for Cancer – Two major cancer centers are using IBM and Watson technology running on Power Systems servers to eradicate cancer.

The complete article can be found by clicking here.

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