IBM Power System S812: Speed, Scalability, Security and Efficiencies for Data-intensive Businesses

Data is a beautiful thing — and a powerful business tool. But it doesn’t manage itself. Today’s information- and application-intensive business environments demand systems that can accommodate enormous transaction processing workloads with a proven infrastructure, while keeping the focus on reliability, security, and availability.

They also need to work at breakneck speed and combine endurance with vast storage capability and serviceability. Such is the case with the latest server from IBM — the Power System S812.

With the proven Power8 processor at its core, the Power System S812 is the entry point into the Power8 server family and brings a range of advantages, not the least of which is the double-speed to which it moves data to the point of impact. The S812 is a smart option for small businesses and scale out deployments that require powerful processing in a small footprint. While the Power System S812 supports a maximum of 64 GB DDR4 memory for IBM i workloads as well as a maximum of 128 GB DDR4 memory for AIX tasks, it’s extremely energy efficient, and easy to manage.

The S812 brings the power of data systems technology to a whole new level. The thrust of the innovative Power System S812 combines enhanced speed with greater efficiencies to move the physical and virtual boundaries of data center technology to drive faster data-centric applications that businesses rely on for increased productivity. Data-intensive businesses will appreciate the faster insights provided by the S812’s POWER8 processor, as well as the smart acceleration enabled by CAPI technologies such as accelerators for key workloads.

Additionally, the S812 allows businesses to achieve lower latency and a smaller footprint with CAPI Flash. IT professionals can also move data in and out of systems with greater speed and efficiency, thanks to double the memory and I/O expansion. The Power System S812 also provides enhanced speed and efficiency for database, transactional and other highly multi-threaded applications, thanks to transactional memory that is supported by 50 percent more cores — and twice the number of simultaneous threads per core.

The Power System S812 server solutions and services have been designed for small- to medium-sized businesses requiring optimal performance while keeping their infrastructure state of the art. Building on the success of IBM’s groundbreaking Power Systems line, the S812 is an invaluable tool to help organizations to take advantage of new business opportunities and manage risk, while providing an incomparable level of service, all designed to fit neatly into tight budgets.

Linux on IBM Power Systems White Paper

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