IBM PureFlex Delivers 4 Key Benefits To Your IT Infrastructure

In the current corporate technologies arms race, it’s becoming increasingly costly to even keep up. The need for ever-faster servers and ever more storage space makes it difficult for all but the biggest players to stay in the game, and at huge cost: according to a recent IDC analysis, over 70% of IT budgets are spent on operations and maintenance.

It seems like it’s hitting the point that we are working for our computers, rather than the other way around. This is the exact situation that IBM is attempting to address with their new line of IBM PureFlex systems.

The IBM PureFlex line delivers four key benefits for adopters: Simplicity, Agility, Control, and Efficiency.

The Four Benefits of IBM PureFlex Systems


One of the key ways IBM seeks to lower the cost of high technology is through the use of intelligent “systems of expertise” that allow their servers to be run with a minimum of work.

  • Servers come pre-configured and pre-integrated to allow for easy setup.
  • A PureFlex system can generally be deployed in a single day.
  • All operations controlled from a single console.
  • Intelligent systems constantly monitor its own status, recommending changes to the administrator as needed.


Unlike many companies offering pre-configured “appliances” that are limited in their use, IBM knows that their servers need to be able to handle any eventuality your business might require.

  • PureFlex servers are built from the ground up for virtualization and Cloud integration.
  • Can be expanded virtually whenever needed.
  • New virtual machines can be created, provisioned, and put into service in minutes.


The IBM PureFlex line is not limited to a small range of approved vendor software, making it an excellent choice for consolidating your operations into a single unified system.

  • Supports multiple operating systems, simultaneously.
  • Supports hundreds of third-party software, firmware, and hypervisor solutions.
  • Preconfigured intelligent systems integrate third-party software seamlessly.


IBM has become a leader in delivering powerful systems that seek to reduce their footprint and impact on your bottom line.

  • Physical integration reduces space needed for equipment.
  • Smart power management saves needless energy waste.
  • Dynamic resource allocation shifts resources where they’re needed, when needed.
  • Virtualization allows for rapid deployments and changes to the infrastructure.


With PureFlex, IBM aims to create all-in-one server solutions that consolidate, streamline, and simplify your IT operations while making top-tier power affordable to a far wider range of enterprises.


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