IBM PureSystems Providing 2 Irresistible Integrated Systems

IBM recently announced a major new line of integrated systems, once again moving them to the forefront of modern information technology products, the IBM PureSystems initiative. These are designed to compete head-on with HP’s CloudSystem Matrix, providing all-in-one integrated systems that put usability, simplicity, continuous integration, and virtualization into a single package.

The IBM PureSystems line is split into two different product families, which work together seamlessly in an integrated environment: PureFlex, and PureApplication. Between the two, they create an intelligent system that simplifies IT while continually cutting costs on operations, hardware, and downtime losses.

IBM PureFlex

PureFlex is the name given to the underlying hardware and software systems that support the IBM PureSystems initiative. These servers are built from IBM’s latest Blade line, and arrive at your door pre-configured to your specifications for easy setup and integration.

The focus of the PureFlex line is on what IBM terms “systems of expertise,” automated smart functions built from IBM’s decades of networking experience. These create a server that can practically administer itself, automatically assigning resources on the fly to applications as they’re needed.

The system can even predict impending hardware failures, advise the administrator, and automatically reroute resources around the failure to make zero-downtime repairs a reality.

Between their smart functions and their ability to integrate hundreds of third-party options in operating systems and software, the PureFlex line makes a compelling argument for consolidating on an IBM platform.

IBM PureApplication

The other half of the PureSystems line is PureApplication. This takes the automation functions of their PureFlex systems to the next level, extending it to automated management of complex software deployment.

Thanks to their partnership with dozens of third-party developers, the PureSystems line can automatically handle tasks such as application deployment, allowing your IT staff to focus on strategic decisions of what software to deploy, rather than getting bogged down in the technical details. Software deployed by PureSystems can be up to 90% more reliable than those deployed by hand, eliminating human errors which so often lead to problematic deployments.

Combined with a database-driven focus that is built for Cloud support, PureApplication can consolidate and simplify the management of all your software solutions, no matter what technologies they use.


The IBM PureSystems line is a strong new player in the server automation field, presenting a line of products that simplify administration while providing previously unavailable levels of efficiency and reliability.

Photo Credit: Scazon


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