IBM Remains Committed to PureSystems Family

Rumors are swirling around about the future of PureSystems as a result of the impending plans for Lenovo to acquire its x86 server business.  In a recent communications to its business partners, IBM said that it “remains committed to the PureSystems family as an accelerator for Big Data & Analytics and Cloud solutions, and as an important element of our growth strategy.”

They provided a link to a video that helps answer some important questions.  The video addresses the following points:

  • IBM will continue to develop, market, service and sell the PureApplication System and PureData System after the sale closes
  • IBM also plans to continue to develop, market, service and sell the Power and Power/x86 “hybrid” versions of Flex System and PureFlex System, which contain Power plus x86 architectures in the same rack
  • IBM has a strong and vibrant development roadmap going forward
  • We’re extending our capabilities to IBM’s cloud portfolio, offering the advantages of simplicity and time to value that PureSystems offers either on premise, off premise or both.  The new beta program for IBM Pure Application Service in SofLayer is an excellent example of how to easily extend existing applications to the Cloud.

The bottom line is that the IBM PureSystems portfolio offers simplicity and fast time to value with corresponding low total cost of ownership.

For more information, read the press release for information about the IBM and Lenovo agreement.


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