IBM’s Power GM Predicts Biggest IT Trends for 2014

Doug Balog, general manager for IBM Power Systems was interviewed by IBM Systems Magazine – Power Edition for the cover story of the January 2014 issue about his thoughts on the biggest trends for the coming year.  Tami Deedrick, the publication’s editor, asked some excellent questions that resulted two common themes: innovation and change.

When asked about emerging trends for 2014, Balog summarized his response by saying “It’s a cross of analytics, data, cloud, security, mobile, and social that are fundamentally shaping the way enterprises look to the future.”  These are the key areas that the C-suite is focusing on as technology is considered the “top external driving force shaping their businesses.”

In the interview, Deedrick asked additional questions about the importance of big data and analytics, where the cloud fits in, the difference and importance of Power Systems security, mobile computing, how Linux will affect the Power Systems arena, as well as his thoughts on OpenPOWER and Power8.

Balog concluded the interview with: “Power is a strong, enduring platform and one that is going to continue to provide phenomenal innovations to business and organizations around the world.”

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