IBM’s Storage Manager: Tivoli Supports De-Duplication and Replication

Prior to IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) 6.3, the product family did not offer de-duplication and replication capabilities.  This was a concern for many users that were using the solution or debating on whether to select TSM for its storage management tool.  Today, IBM has made de-duplication and replication standard features in its TSM product line.

TSM version 6.3 provides centralized, automated data protection to help reduce the risks associated with data loss.  And, now offers data replication capabilities to enable backed up data to be replicated in its de-duplicated form between two TSM servers over a standard TCP/IP connection, providing efficient online disaster recovery capabilities.  Data replication is performed to a separate server instance that can serve as a hot-standby server for recovery purposes.

By reducing the amount of backup data, users can reduce the cost of storage associated with backup and also allow more data to be stored on a disk for faster access.  By managing more data with less infrastructure and simplified administration, organizations can save money, improve service levels and comply with data retention regulations.  Learn more about Data Backup and Recovery.

IBM offers a good FAQ on TSM’s de-duplication feature.  Click here to learn more about TSM’s de-duplication effectiveness, when you should consider using it, storage capacity, how it affects backup and restore performance, hardware requirements, and much more.

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