Implications of Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is being adopted across most industries today, but there are still individuals that are apprehensive about it – even CIOs. Some are still concerned that they are putting their business at risk by moving to the cloud. However, as Vittorio Della Rossa shared in a January 28 letter to CIOs, constant change is necessary in order to survive and cloud computing is part of today’s ever-changing IT environment.

In the letter, it is emphasized that CIOs should not fear the cloud and should carefully consider where and when to leverage cloud technology. However, Della Rossa did say that moving to the cloud will impact the entire IT department and its components, which he considers the architectures, services, assets and resources; as well as the dynamic projects that are always changing the four key components.

In the letter, it is recommended organizations evaluate their entire IT environment and determine which areas would benefit the most from transitioning to the cloud. Contact an ABC Cloud Specialist for guidance through the process of reviewing your IT infrastructure and deciding where the cloud would be most beneficial for your business.

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