Learn How IBM PureSystems Can Simplify Your Data Center Over Lunch With ABC

In fact, according to IBM, 70% of the average IT budget is spent simply on operations and upkeep, rather than on new initiatives and investments.

If that sounds like the situation you’re in, we’d like to invite you to one of our free luncheon seminars aimed at showing you how the IBM PureSystems line of servers can simplify your data center.  Through consolidation and virtualization, you can easily shrink your IT budget or free up more money for investments in the future.

The IBM PureSystems Difference

The IBM PureSystems line was designed from the ground up to address the biggest problem in modern networking: the complexity of installed systems.  IBM wanted servers which could manage intertwined networks across multiple architectures, mixing physical and virtual machines, while allowing the entire system to be managed from a single user console.

To accomplish this, they’ve developed a series of intelligent systems that work within their PureSystems servers, managing your network for you while requiring minimal input from human administrators.  What this translates to is a simplified network which doesn’t sacrifice power or flexibility, but will require far fewer resources to maintain.

Simplification Through IBM PureSystems

At times, it can seem like a PureSystems server manages itself.  It can:

  • Host almost any number of physical and virtual servers in any configuration, linking them together through a common interface.
  • Automatically load-balance system resources across the entire distributed network, based on current need and future predictions.
  • Optimize its own power management during lulls to keep your power bill down.
  • Detect and route around impending hardware failures while notifying a human.
  • Manage multiple file systems while presenting them as a single unified data source to users and administrators.
  • Detect and reject network intrusions and malware, while alerting administrators.
  • Greatly reduce your need for an extensive and specialized on-site IT staff.

Join Us For a Change

If you want a network that’s simultaneously cheaper to manage while offering greater flexibility, you need to attend one of our luncheons.  Sign up today and learn how to make your network a workhorse rather than a money pit.

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