Learn With ABC How IBM PureSystems Will Drive New Business Innovation

Do you ever feel like your business network is becoming a barrier to innovation, rather than inspiring it?

Network experts talk constantly about the benefits companies can enjoy from the latest IT systems, such as the flexibility that you can gain from moving resources onto Cloud-based systems. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s all too common that when you talk about changing your network to take advantage of new developments, you’re suddenly looking at months to implement the changes and unacceptably high equipment costs.

What if there were a better way? If you want to make changes to your network that will allow for easy deployments and simple future-proofing, we happily invite you to attend one of our free luncheons talking about the IBM PureSystems line of integrated systems.

Why IBM PureSystems

IBM is aware that systems themselves are becoming a barrier to development, and looked for a way around that. The result was the IBM PureSystems line: systems developed from the ground up to address the biggest problems in enterprise IT today.

These PureSystems servers were designed to:

  • Make network expansions a painless “on demand” service.
  • Integrate system security into every level of hardware and software.
  • Consolidate operations of all your network elements into a single console.
  • Automate as many routine procedures as possible, to free up human resources.
  • Treat physical and virtual resources equally, making the distinction invisible to users.

Taken together, these design philosophies have created an entirely new kind of server which cures the headaches brought on by modern IT management.

IBM PureSystems Fuel Innovation

This combination of elements allows your network to be a full, participatory member of your team. New software deployments, or even entire new virtual networks, can be rolled out in a matter of days, or even hours, rather than requiring weeks or months. Virtual test environments can be set up as totally quarantined environments, allowing your network staff to extensively test any changes before they go live.

Coupled with how easy it is to provision new users, databases, and virtual LANs, this makes your IT department more flexible and agile than ever before. Your network can change to meet your needs, on demand, without holding you back.

So, if you’re looking for the freedom to innovate, register now and learn more about how IBM PureSystems networking solutions can make it happen for your business.

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